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According to the American Dictionary a hippy is a person, especially in the late 1960s and early 1970s, who typically had long hair, believed in peace, and opposed many accepted ideas about how to live. I no longer have shoulder length hair, but I do believe in peace, acceptance, tolerance and science. I am a proud hippy!
Last night I wanted to drink coffee. This morning I am drinking coffee. Follow your dreams people!
I retired in April of 2020 and because of that I needed something to keep me busy and kill time. I had no idea just how much time this would actually take, but I suppose that is a good thing as knowing might have scared me away.

I will publish new memes as I make them. I will publish the photos I shot and enjoy when I take more. And I will publish new blog posts as often as I am inspired to either laugh or cry at something happening. With all that is going on these days laughing and crying happen a lot.

I should warn everyone that I am somewhat left of center, okay, quite a bit left of center.  Call me woke if you feel the need, it doesn’t bother me. It is a badge of honor to believe in equality and have compassion for others. If screaming and shouting are your thing you might as well move on.  If you are part of the MAGA crowd you should absolutely move on. But if you enjoy discussing things in an open and polite way, then you are welcome.
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