About Old Man Hippy
About Old Man Hippy
I am an old hippy. Some of us, me included, doubted that we would ever make it to ‘old’ but here many of us are. I survived a lot of adventures, some good, some bad, some dangerous, and some amazing. Many of these adventures were more than I could ever have imagined. I have been lucky enough to see some things most never get to enjoy. I didn’t have any business surviving some of them. But here I am.

I started working when I was 14, not counting a paper route, and worked most of the time until I was 65. The last 37+ years I worked in the engineering department of a major metropolitan hospital. I loved it there. I loved the excitement, the pace, and most of all the people. I will always miss them. But time goes by, and I retired in April 2020. I can’t say I am sorry, I, like most of my friends, earned it.

I am married to a wonderful woman, have been 20 plus years, and together we help each other navigate life, retirement and things life throws at us, not least of which this pandemic we are learning to live with. We live in a medium sized town in Maryland and share our home with Jaxx, a Maine Coon Cat and Snazzle, a Havanese dog. They keep us active, or at least help.
Jaxx at 15 months and Snazzle at 9 weeks, their first meeting.Jaxx at 15 months and Snazzle at 9 weeks, their first meeting.
Jaxx at 15 months and Snazzle at 9
weeks, their first meeting.
(Speaking of the pandemic, get vaccinated, get boosters, wear your damn mask when indoors and around crowds, and above all else follow the science. If you are an anti-vexer, if you think covid is a deep state plot, then you also probably believe the earth is flat and you will not like it here. Just a warning.)

I started this website to give me something to work on and get creative with. I have always enjoyed working on a computer, working with graphics, things on the internet etc. I enjoy photography, spouting off my thoughts and making memes and other things. This website gives me a chance to do that and more.

I am always interested in hearing from folks so if you have something to say then feel free to email me here or use the form on the contact page.

I hope you enjoy yourself while you are here.